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what is Book of Mormon Heroes?

A Trading Card Game that brings the Book of Mormon to Life!

Collect all of the cards and learn about the lives of the heroes in the Book of Mormon This app brings the characters of the Book of Mormon to life in a way you have never experienced before. Each card shows an amazingly realistic picture of the character, gives details about their life, and lists the scriptures where they can be found. If you get more than one of a card, then trade it with a friend! Once your collection is at legendary level, you can journey on a campaign to take on the villains of the Book of Mormon yourself!


What Can You Do?

Track Reading

Track your reading progress with each chapter in the Book of Mormon

Earn Cards

The more reading you complete, the more cards you earn

Trade Cards

Do you have a card that your friend doesn't? Trade cards with anyone else on the app

Battle Enemies

Go through the campaign with your cards to battle against enemies and level up your skills


Buy Collector Cards, Bookmarks, and More

Collectors Club

Get a New Collectors Card Every Month!

Announcing our new Collectors Series Monthly Club! Sign up for $2.49, and receive a different card every month! Each card includes detailed information about the Hero, so that you can bring your study of the Book of Mormon to life!

Trading Cards

If you like the characters from the game, you can now collect their trading cards!


Save your reading progress in your scriptures with one of the Book of Mormon Heroes Characters!


Perfect for laptops, folders, and cell phone cases! These stickers can showcase your favorite Book of Mormon Heroes Characters!


These gifts with your favorite Book of Mormon Heroes Characters are perfect for any occasion!


Shirts, Hoodies, and More! Wear your favorite character from the Book of Mormon in style!

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